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Forum on Domestic Production in BiH Held at Burch



The Forum was organized by the Business Development Club (BDC) and the Association „Buy and use domestic quality products from Bosnia and Herzegovina“(„Kupujmo i koristimo domaće kvalitetno proizvedeno u BiH“) with the motto: „Produce, promote, buy and use domestic products“.

At the opening ceremony, Vice-Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr Azamat Akbarov held an introductory speech, expressing his satisfaction with a Forum of this kind being organized at International Burch University and the importance of buying domestic products.

Later on Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry, Jerko Ivanović Lijanović said that Bosnia and Herzegovina had a rough time in the past and as a result of that, we have a bad situation in the economy. He specified that we should buy our domestic products and how that would be the best way to help our economy.

Admir Kapo, president of the association „Buy and use domestic quality products from Bosnia and Herzegovina“, said that over 12 000 products and 86 companies had accepted the logo (yellow star) of the association and how that was a very good sign. Mr. Kapo also expressed his positive attitude towards this event, especially because of the fact that the students were the ones responsible for its organization.

The Forum consisted of three discussions, each individually containing a discussion and a conclusion section:

1- “What is the way to achieve the best environment for the development of economy?” by Mr. Predrag Praštalo, President of the European Movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

2- „How to improve the promotion of domestic products?“ by Mr. Faris Njemčević, Executive Director of the VGT Insurance Company;

3- „How to adapt the education to the constant needs of the market?“ by Mr. Jasmin Bešić, Executive Director of Institute for Youth Development KULT.

All speakers thoroughly analyzed the problems related to production and promotion of domestic products, identified roots, and proposed specific solutions. The general conclusion of the Forum was that in order to improve economy of our country, we need to start by changing ourselves, and creating the list of priorities of domestic products when going shopping is a great way to start.