From Today Students at Burch Illuminate the Pavilion with a Photo-voltaic System - International Burch University
New Students Ready to Step Into the New Academic Year
October 4, 2017
BURCH University Visited by the Ambassador of the Republic of Czech H. E. Jakub Skalnik
October 13, 2017

From Today Students at Burch Illuminate the Pavilion with a Photo-voltaic System



“When we talk about the first student pavilion from recycled materials in B&H, we are talking about a project involving more than fifty partners. Here you can meet people from the educational process as well as the business world. Everyone gave their contribution to building this for the sake of an important project. Of course, the most important partner is the International Burch University, which supports entrepreneurship on its basis. Students from Burch University can apply their knowledge and practice within the project itself. Of course, the combination of knowledge and practical work offers students space for their business ideas and the start of their own companies. Burch University is proud of such one company that manufactured smart sensor systems that have been built into the pavilion”, said the Vice-rector for scientific research and International Cooperation, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić.

The built-in photovoltaic system was produced as part of the training of students at Burch University, who realized CRP in partnership with Green Council within the project “Practical training in the production and use of photovoltaic systems for electricity production at the International Burch University in Sarajevo”.

“A new stage in the life of Student Pavilion project is finished today, and we can be very proud of it. However, it is just the begging as there are a lot of other works to be done to complete the project. We strongly believe that, with the support of our friends from CRP and Czech Republic Embassy in B&H, and with the support from all other sponsors and partners that we have, this project will bring new values to all our students and other researchers, as well as for the entire community. The project of the solar panels will be used for the aim of supplying the Student Pavilion with electrical power, and for future researchers at IBU faculty of Engineering and Natural Science. The Student Pavilion project is based on using traditional materials and to use natural sources of energy that have less harm to the environment. We will continue with the hard work at IBU to ensure that this project develops in something valuable and recognizable in B&H and wider”, said Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sayed, who is also a new Student Pavilion coordinator.