German Director, Stefan Weinert, Visited Burch University - International Burch University

German Director, Stefan Weinert, Visited Burch University

Interview with our guest,  actor, director, film producer, and stage designer, Stefan Weinert, from Germany.

Welcome to the International Burch University. You have been our guest for a few days. You had the opportunity to spend some time with our students. What is it that fascinates you the most about our students? About our culture? About Bosnia and Herzegovina in general?

–          I am positively shocked with openness and sensitivity. People here are very friendly, open-minded and easy to work with.

What experience you’ve shared with our students and what experience you will take with you back to Germany?

–          The topic I represented was heavy. But, still, like I already mentioned, openness and sensitivity is something I am definitely taking back to Germany.

As an actor, director, film producer, and stage designer what is it that you enjoy doing most?

–          Actor and director. Yeah, those are the two most enjoyable roles. I enjoy them all but working as an actor and a director have its valuables.

On February 8, 2009, first, 90-minute documentary celebrated “facing the wall” was awarded on 9 October 2009. On August 23, 2013, second, feature documentary “The Family” celebrated in the Festival of Films du Monde in Montreal Premiere. This is the film you presented here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to Burch University students. For both aforementioned movies you are responsible for the book production and the director. How much effort and time was needed to get these people in front of the camera and make them speak up, which, in my opinion, was the hardest from all things for them?

–          I had work with the therapist. It was not easy. Even children from these people and the rest of their family did not know the story. When they talk to them they circle in loops, repeating themselves and never really sharing the truth. I could never ever get to meet one wife, whose husband was shot dead… they were both very young and recently married. He was killed and she never wanted to talk about it. I never saw her face nor got a chance to meet her.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been through war…do you plan on making a documentary movie about its harsh times? Have you thought of about it?

–          When I talked to my friends and colleagues about my trip to Sarajevo, I got no support whatsoever. They did not believe me that anyone would be interested in my movie and there will be no chance to present it. I am surprised with openness Bosnians have and who knows, maybe one day.

Thank you for being our guest. May we expect your visit in the near future?

–          Absolutely. I would love to visit again. This is my first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, first time in Sarajevo and I am happy to be here. Look forward to visiting again.