Goran Milić held a lecture at BURCH University - International Burch University

Goran Milić held a lecture at BURCH University



The lecture was held in Bosnian and took the format of a talk show with Student Parliament president, Kemal Nedžibović. Mr. Milić took the public through his life, commenting on important events and trends, some of which he covered as a reporter.

It focused on his experiences as a reporter, both in the former Yugoslavia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides stories and anecdotes, the esteemed guest mentioned some of his opinions about contemporary events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as relations with neighboring countries.

Mr. Milić especially paid attention to the similarities and differences between the former Yugoslavia and “modern” Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Towards the end, he posed an open question to the students of International BURCH  University: where do you see Bosnia and Herzegovina in 25 years?

Nudžejma Kurić, a student of the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering at the International BURCH University, entertained Mr. Milić with a song while the Rector of the University, Prof. dr. Teoman Duman thanked him with a certificate of appreciation.