Graduation Ceremony Held at BURCH University - International Burch University

Graduation Ceremony Held at BURCH University

A total of 283 graduates attended this year’s graduation ceremony, of which 203 were undergraduate, 75 Master’s, and 4 doctorate students. Academic staff and other BURCH employees, ambassadors, parents, and other friends attended this ceremony.

The formal ceremony was opened by the Rector Prof. Dr. Teoman Duman, who said:

“Welcome and thank you for being with us on this happy day. Dear parents of our students, I congratulate you on this happy day. You are the ones who contributed the most and gave your children the most precious gift. Your children, along with you, successfully completed all challenges in this educational process. I congratulate you on their success.”

He then addressed the students:“You now have finished the process of higher education and that is the result of your many years of work. I would like it for you to know that the world is changing quickly. You will need to be accommodating to these changes. Be ready to adopt new technologies very quickly. At the end, I would like to mention that you have become an honorary member of the BURCH family today. Our connection with you should continue forever. Have in mind that you are now our ambassadors. Help us to strengthen our great BURCH project for our Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are proud of you. And you should be proud of yourselves and show others that you are a worthy person who is a role model for everyone around themselves.

We did everything we could, as a family. I hope that you and other people will appreciate our efforts,” said Prof. Dr. Duman at the end to the graduates and wishes them a happy and successful remainder of life.

At today’s ceremony, the best students of each faculty of BURCH University were announced: Ana Tankosić of the Faculty for Education, Alma Hurić of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, and Medina Bandić of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Studies.

Ana Tankosić was also proclaimed the best student at BURCH University in 2016.

After the official part of the program, the music group Sevdah Ashk Groove entertained the guests and fireworks were fired in celebration.