Hari Varešanović Hosted at Burch - International Burch University

Hari Varešanović Hosted at Burch

Famous Bosnian singer Hari Varešanović paid his first visit to the International Burch University on 17th of April and shortly met with students. Speaking to students Mr. Varešanović expressed his pleasure for being invited to spend some time with young people with whom he talked about the beginning of his career, favorite moments, and about the current situation in music scene of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hajrudin Hari Varešanović is a Bosnian singer known as the vocal solist, composer, and leader of the musical group Hari Mata Hari. Throughout his career he received many awards and honors, and recorded many duets. On 20 May 2006, Hari Varešanović and his group Hari Mata Hari reached third place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 held in Athens, Greece.