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August 23, 2019
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IBU and KULT in a Joint Mission for Youth Welfare in BiH



By signing the agreement, both parties are obliged to jointly participate in the preparation of publications, apply for projects, organize internships for students, various educational workshops for young people and employees, and exchange all resources they own.

“All activities aimed at encouraging young people to acquire knowledge and gain new experiences will always be supported by International Burch University. We are committed to leading the changes when we talk about innovations with a focus on the educational system in our country because knowledge is what will encourage young people to reach their goal at the professional level. The goal of our agreement is to transfer knowledge to young people through numerous training and workshops. The cooperation we have had so far with the Institute is being improved by signing the agreement in various segments so our students will have the opportunity to volunteer, gain internships through the projects of the Institute, ”said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, Acting Rector at International Burch University.

IBU is recognized as an institution that is making extraordinary efforts to educate a quality and motivated future generation and with the capacity of the Institute at its disposal, the results can only be more effective and more significant.

“Institute for Youth Development KULT has a successful partnership with numerous institutions of higher education in BiH, including International Burch University for the last few years. Both the Institute and IBU want to expand the existing cooperation, which is the reason for signing the cooperation agreement. The cooperation will be reflected in the implementation of joint projects, but also in a very professional student practice initiated by the Institute. The Institute has been working with young people and youth for over fifteen years and this is just a continuation of our engagement,” said Katarina Vuckovic on behalf of the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

 In order to make the Institute’s results sustainable in the long term, the Institute works closely with all levels of government in BiH and the region, including drafting, amending and adopting legal and other policy solutions, but also cooperates with all institutions aimed at improving the position of young people.

While IBU is leading the changes and advancement of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of keeping young people in BiH by offering them quality education. In addition, it influences the entrepreneurial development of young people by offering them projects that make them entrepreneurs within the Burch Start Up incubator or initiators of changes in the entrepreneurial world.