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September 26, 2019
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October 9, 2019

IBU Officially Announced the Beginning of the New Academic Year

The new academic year officially started yesterday, after the students were registered, introduced to the campus and had the first meetings with the professors, we began the second day of the academic year with a new students’ welcoming ceremony.

After warm welcoming words and playing the National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the attendees were addressed by Acting Rector of International Burch University Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, who wished good luck and success to all students with the words: „Welcome to the best private university in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the first entrepreneurial university in the region! Welcome to the learning environment that will help you grow and broaden your horizons! Our task is to get you from point A to point B, which means that we will take you from Orientation Day to Graduation Day, and trust me, that period will pass very quickly. Shoot for the stars to be the best you can be. Do not be average – be the best! Welcome to the Burch family. ˮ

After an inspiring speech by IBU rector, a Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Timothy Donald Fisher also welcomed the new students, saying: „ Be proud to be a part of the best private university, not only in BiH but also in the region. We will help you stay in this country and contribute to its development through gained knowledge and experience. ˮ

Special attention and enthusiasm among the attendees were aroused by Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanel Halilbegović, who shared his experience and career path through his motivational speech, emphasizing that IBU is a great platform for building a good career and future and as such represents a safe road to success, adding: „Your talent, along with passion and smart work, is sure to lead to success. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, find a moment and make it perfect for yourself. Find something you are good at, nurture, love, and discover what your passions are and let IBU help you. Remember, from this day on, by choosing Burch University you will remain a part of Burch forever, but also Burch remains a part of you. ˮ

Following the thunderous applause, the most active students, members of the Student Ambassador Program, were invited to come on the stage and get awarded with certificates as a recognition for their active contribution to the development of our University by Dean of Students, Mr. Admir Salihagić. The most active ones were: Adnan Alijagic, Amila Dautbasic, Dzenana Sijamhodzic, Elmedin Karisik, Lejla Cikotić, Lejla Dautbasic, Marijana Udovcic, Mirza Tokic, Olga Staka, Rijad Gacanovic, Sejla Aganovic, Zaim Dedic.

Within the program, the students were also addressed by the President of Student Parliament Ms. Amila Dautbasic, who through her speech conveyed personal experiences as a student and progress in her studies. „ The Burch family is a complex concept and through your stay at our campus you will understand the true meaning of the word. At this point, we cherish a friendly relationship and build a positive atmosphere where you will make new friendships and work with professors that will make your journey through your studies fun and easy. ˮ

In addition to the great ovation, the attendees welcomed the talented players of the KK Igman Burch Basketball Club Zlatan Tepic, Armin Topic,  Uros Cica, Dino Bektasevic, Adnan Avdic, Elmin Dzafic, Enis Bektic, Eldar Zulcic, Mirza Mesic, Basil Bosnjak, Evel Hadziselimovic, Kenan Coloman, Bakir Celik, Faris Kadic, Faris Arifagic, who are a great example of IBU giving a chance to young talented people who successfully balance their commitments at the university and sports.

The welcoming ceremony ended with an invitation of first-year students to attend the Orientation program at their departments and to make a group photo that will be a perfect reminder of the first day of their new student life.

We are especially thankful to our students, photographers Faris Sabotic, Hana Hodzic, Jasmina Pinjic, Azra Selimovic, Nedzad Spahalic, Aida Mujcin, who have been following the events of the past days and forever recorded the most beautiful moments for our students.

Burch International University wishes students of all cycles a successful new academic year.