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IBU Partner of This Year’s Meet and Code Weekend School



The project, launched in 2017 in 15 European countries, has involved 25 countries this year and has been successfully implemented as part of the celebration of European Coding Week in BiH.

The project is being implemented in partnership with the Association of High School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AsuBiH), International Burch University (IBU), Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation and hosts/partners German Center for Robotics – DKR, JSGuru and SPARK, with financial support from TechSoup Balkans through the initiative of Meet and Code.

Workshops that were held in the cities: Sarajevo, Tuzla, Mostar, Banja Luka, Srebrenica are designed to build problem-solving skills through working on a 3D printer and gaining knowledge in 3D modeling. Given that digital education has become the foundation upon which young people can build on their future in the modern age, the weekend school was the right place to bring together high school students who want to make the first serious steps in the digital world. During the meeting, high school students had the opportunity to learn how to be creative, how to approach problem-solving and how to collaborate through programming and other digital activities.

Almedin Beganovic, a first-year student at the Information Technology Department of International Burch University, was the coordinator of this year’s Meet and Code, who after successfully completing the event pointed out: „Interest varied with the cities, but what is fascinating is that we had a large number of young people who came from other distant cities or the example of Sarajevo where the school organized an arrival for its students. We are truly grateful and proud of all the young people who decided to spend their weekend attending the workshop and thus showed that we did not travel so far in vain! By next year, at least remember not to judge by the brim! ˮ

Summing up the impressions for this year, the Meet and Code team concluded that their focus next year would be on smaller communities, precisely because of the desire of young people from those environments to build and educate themselves in this sector, because although they are not given the opportunity, they are ready to travel to gain knowledge and skills. It is these young people who are willing to invest their time to learn something and are the ones who have the potential to make some change. Basically, we can change the world only when we change ourselves!