IBU student, Azer Basic, Participant in the First LOADING Game Development & Animation Conference - International Burch University
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October 2, 2019
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October 14, 2019

IBU student, Azer Basic, Participant in the First LOADING Game Development & Animation Conference

The participants were welcomed by Mr. Selim Alagic, CEO of LOADING Conference who did not hide his enthusiasm about the number of participants who presented their projects and works with great desire and ambition to connect and strengthen the game industry together.

Within the conference theme, organizers designed extremely useful game development workshops, lectures on technology, entertainment, and design, as well as Q&A sessions where speakers were some of the best experts in the industry. Several studies at the conference’s startup presentations presented their projects and shared their experiences.

One of the participants was Azer Basic, a 19-year-old student at International Burch University, who had the opportunity to present his projects and programming process for indie games. This young, talented programmer talked about his techniques and the programs he uses by singling out Unreal Engine 4, Blender and PhotoShop. In his five years of experience in making games, he proudly emphasized that he participated in various festivals and competitions, especially emphasizing the BOSEPO competition, where he won the 3rd place for making a game on the education of children.

When asked about how it all began, Azer says: “The love for making games was born when I first started making” modes “and” servers” for a game that was popular when I was younger. Over time, I went from having fun to professional development when it comes to game developing. I am currently working on a mobile game that should be released on the Google Play Platform in October. It was a great honor for me to present my game to the great experts at the LOADING Conference. The goal of the game is to entertain those who play it because the story itself is very interesting. Your enemies are dice that you destroy as they move towards you. The game looks very easy, but it took me a couple of months to make it. The hardest part is that I am working alone. One of the reasons I enrolled in IBU is the great support I get from the IBU employees. I am happy to be part of such a motivating, healthy environment. There is a good chance that I will continue working on games with some of my IBU colleagues. ”

The two-day event, sponsored by general partner Telemach, ended with the first major BiH gaming tournament with the most famous names in the gaming and YouTube world. The contestants went through three incredible phases of video games, fighting each other, thus demonstrating why gaming is so much fun and popular not only in BiH, but all over the world.