IBU Students at the Exhibition of Safet Zec at the Historical Museum of BiH - International Burch University
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December 3, 2019
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IBU Students at the Exhibition of Safet Zec at the Historical Museum of BiH



The President of the SAFE Club, Rijad Pekaz, a second-year student of the Department of English Language and Literature, together with the Club Vice President Kenan Catic, a student at the same department, organized a visit to the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina to celebrate the history and culture of the students’ home country.

 A large number of IBU students who showed interest in this event were able to attend the exhibition of one of Sarajevo’s most important visual artists, Safet Zec. A series of paintings called ‘Zagrljaji’ has arrived in Sarajevo after a six-month exhibition at the Church of Santa Maria della Piettà in Venice. The exhibition gave a look at photos of people who were separated by the war. Mr. Zec has been dealing with this topic since the war of the 1990s, and the collection was supplemented by a large painting of the “Romeo and Juliet” from Sarajevo – Bosko Brkic and Admira Ismic. Their photo laying on the ground, embracing each other, taken in 1993 on the Vrbanja Bridge in Sarajevo, has shaken the world.

During the exhibition, students gained a very detailed insight into a story called “Sarajevo under siege” – the story of the life of citizens during the siege of Sarajevo from 1992 to 1995.

 “The exhibition is about the persistence, resourcefulness, and creativity of citizens who have lived 1 335 days without basic human needs, such as electricity, food, water, heating. For us, the younger generations, this was an opportunity to learn more about everyday life in the city, how people were getting food and water, what the markets and streets looked like. Some parts of the exhibition were very emotional and made us cry. The story of the Black Room, which showed pictures of the deaths of children, left none of those present indifferent, ” said Rijad Pekaz.

The presence of IBU students at such an event is another indicator that our students are the initiators of a better society that does not allow the past to fall into oblivion but tends to create a more beautiful and secure future.