Academic Mirko Pejanovic observed Statehood Day with IBU students

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Academic Mirko Pejanović, vice president of the Bosnian Academy of and Science and Arts, visited International Burch university on Thursday, November 24 2022 and addressed the students on "Bosnia and Herzegovina's Statehood."

Prof. Dr. Adnan Novalic, a vice-rector of International Burch University, along with Prof. Dr. Lejla Ramic-Mesihovic, Head of IRES Department, met with Academic Mirko Pejanovic as part of the Statehood Day observance.

Prof. dr. Novalic emphasised in his opening remarks that International Burch University is an "entrepreneurial university that cultivates that portion of the educational process which equips students with the skills to create their own opportunities as this is also a type of entrepreneurship we cultivate and support."

Academic Pejanovic elaborated on the origins of Bosnian and Herzegovinian statehood, from the time of the Bosnian Kingdom through the Ottoman Empire, Austrian-Hungarian occupation and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia highlighting the significance of November 25 for the continued existence of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On November 25, 1943, the National Anti-Fascist Council of People's Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – ZAVNOBiH – adopted a historic resolution renewing and reestablishing Bosnia and Herzegovina's statehood which proved pivotal in its contemporary history.

Academic Pajenovic concluded his address by urging students to visit Bobovac and Kraljeva Sutjeska, as the birthplace of the Bosnian Kingdom, to witness the initial sites where the statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established, entrenched, and defended.

International Burch University proudly co-published his most recent book "The Statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 20th and 21st Centuries," along with University Press d.o.o.

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