Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nataša Tandir’s original research was published in Frontiers in Environmental Science

IBU InFocus

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nataša Tandir, Department of Management Professor and Dean of Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at IBU, conducted research and wrote a paper titled "From Fossil Energy to Renewable Energy: Why is Circular Economy Needed in the Energy Transition?" in collaboration with professors from Spain, Portugal, and Pakistan.
This original research paper was accepted and published in Frontiers in Environmental Science (5.411 Impact Factor, 4.7 CiteScore), a renowned scientific journal, as part of the research topic: "Technology-Enabled Circular Economy Practices in Energy Production and Consumption Patterns."

The fight to reduce pollutant gas emissions is still not producing the desired results. “For decades, renewable energy consumption has been presented as the ultimate solution but, their production, marketing, and consumption are not entirely climate neutral, so society needs new practices, such as circular energy. This study was conducted with the goal of exploring the effects of energy intensity, renewable energy consumption, and forestation on CO2 emissions for developed and developing countries," the article states.

„Keeping in view the growing concerns about carbon-related emissions, the article primarily aims to validate/invalidate the importance of renewable energy consumption (as an alternative to nonrenewable ones) and forestation in the context of mitigating the harmful effects of carbon emissions released into the environment. The key contribution of this study is to empirically determine the explanatory power of proposed determinants against carbon emissions using world-level data”.

You can read the entire article here: