BHMUN Student Conference Held at International Burch University

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The Department of International Relations and European Studies of International Burch University hosted over 200 high school and university students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and across the world, between June 17 and 19, at the first international BH Model United Nations conference.

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the debates and decision-making process of the United Nations and its organs. Students take the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real-world current issues, leveraging their skills in consensus building, critical thinking, debate, parliamentary procedure, resolution drafting, and public speaking.

At this Conference, students represented over 100 countries with the most vested interests in the topics at hand developed resolutions on sixteen issues ranging from the Afghan crisis to sexual harassment in eight committees ranging from the UN Security Council to the UN Educational, Social, and Cultural Organization.

Of particular added value to the Conference was the large number of delegates from abroad, including from countries such as the Central African Republic, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Turkey, Pakistan, and the United States, as well as neighboring ones such as Croatia and Serbia. In addition, delegates attended virtually from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

International Burch University’s partner university, George State University from the United States, also participated with 28 delegates, four of whom were under-secretaries general responsible for various aspects related to the running of the committees, such as interpreting the rules of procedure and assisting delegates with drafting resolutions.

In addition, 12 students at the Department of International Relations and European Studies participated as a part of their final-year course called International Organizations taught by prof. dr. Alija Kožljak, in which they simulate the work various international organizations, including various UN agencies and committees.

In order to further simulate and support students participating in such practical, yet educational, informal learning activities, International Burch University opted to provide eight partial scholarships to the best high school delegates, one from each of the eight committees which were simulated. Three additional delegates from each of the committees were also awarded with other prizes.

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