Book „China – The Rise of the Titan“ promoted at Sarajevo Book Fair

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The book China – The rise of the Titan published by the International Burch University was promoted today at the XXXIII International Sarajevo Book Fair 2022.

The authors, Assist.Prof.Dr. Selma Delalić, teaching assistant Adem Olovčić from the Department of International Relations and European Studies, and students Armin Tufo and Samira Aličić, all attended the book promotion. The uniqueness of this book arises from the collaboration of professors and students who collaborated on this scientific work.

"Why did we choose China? We know that we live in a global system in which the United States is the one truly global superpower and hegemon, but China is not far behind. We know that China is America's largest lender, that it has purchased hundreds of billions of dollars of US foreign debt, and that some predict that by 2050, China will have ascended to the global economic throne " said Assist.Prof.Dr. Selma Delalić.

IBU InFocus

"As a master's student at the Department of International Relations and European Studies, I was able to incorporate everything that I was interested in into this work, and I believe that my peers, students, will have the opportunity to get at least some first impressions of this country that is a growing force in the world through my perspective," said student Armin Tufo.
The book China – The Rise of the Titan is a multidisciplinary scientific work, which deals with the politics, society, culture, foreign policy, geopolitics and political economy of the Republic of China in a modern context.

The promotion was held in "Bosnian House", the central stage of the fair.
International Burch University once again took part in the Sarajevo Book Fair, which is held from April 20th to 25th under the motto "The Power of the Book".