China – The rise of the Titan wins best science book award

IBU InFocus

At the XXXIII International Sarajevo Book Fair 2022, the book China – The Rise of the Titan won the award for best book in the category "for science: social and natural sciences."
An award ceremony was held at the end of the fair.

The authors of this book are Assist.Prof.Dr. Selma Delalić, teaching assistant Adem Olovčić from the Department of International Relations and European Studies, and students Armin Tufo and Samira Aličić.

IBU InFocus

The project of publishing the book "China-The Rise of the Titan" represents the research team's effort to elaborate on the position of China in modern international relations from a scientific standpoint. The book arose from the need to provide students and the wider academic community with an understanding of the contemporary flows of Chinese foreign policy, ranging from diplomacy to geopolitics, political economy, and issues of religiosity, society, and culture.

The book is crucial given that China, according to very recent predictions, is seriously pretending to be a great world power, whose foreign policy will have serious implications for international relations and global flows. Furthermore, this field does not receive adequate scientific and academic attention because there is no work in our academic or general public that deals with this topic in such a systematic and comprehensive manner.

The expert jury at the Sarajevo Book Fair recognized the quality and significance of this work, and this significant award was given to the book "China-The Rise of the Titan." More than 80,000 people attended this year's fair, which was held under the theme "The Power of the Book."