Conference on the future of the automotive industry held at IBU

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Today, BH Futures Fondation and International Burch University hosted the Futures Automotive Conference, which drew over 200 technical science students, experts, and automotive enthusiasts. Careers in the automotive industry were discussed, as well as the challenges faced by the whole world, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The speakers were international and local industry experts with many years of experience. Autonomous Driving KPIT's Sabahudin Husić spoke about self-driving cars and the challenges that engineers face.

Miroslav Macan, Rimac Group's Chief Powertrain & Power Electronics Engineer, discussed the best performing electric car Rimac Nevera, and Selma Kunosić, an Audi quality engineer, discussed the IT network in electric vehicles.

IBU InFocus

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mersid Poturak, rector of International Burch University, opened the conference by saying that the IBU is first and foremost an entrepreneurial university and that he is delighted to see so many car enthusiasts gathered in one place.

Of course, the topic of green energy and the environment was not overlooked – and the latest technologies of battery recycling and their environmental impact, as well as the challenges that Bosnia and Herzegovina faces, were discussed in the panel, which was led by Mehrija Hasičić, senior assistant at International Burch University, and the panelists were Jasmin Lučkin, an engineer from Porsche BH, and two engineers from the Norhtvolt company, Selma Zilić and Irma Hodzić.

Bosnia and Herzegovina currently has about 170 electric vehicle chargers, which is still a symbolic figure, and there are issues with bureaucratic regulation for zero-emission vehicles. Speakers emphasized that we still have a long way to go to catch up with the world's developed countries and stay ahead of the curve.

„The world is currently working hard to improve electric vehicle technology, which will aid in the fight against climate change and make traffic safer. There are many people from Bosnia and Herzegovina working on projects that will shape our future all over the world, and we are pleased that this conference has brought them together with students and other automotive enthusiasts. We would also like to thank the large volunteer team behind this, as well as the companies and speakers who took the time and spent Saturday with us “, said Azra Velić, IBU student and Ivana Jeftović, both conference organizers and Foundation of the Future in BiH scholarship holders.

In addition to the lectures, participants were able to view an exhibition of latest models of Porsche BH electric cars, and students from Arger Race Formula Student team presented their formula racing car.

IBU InFocus