Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Revolution

IBU InFocus

On March 10, 2022, the Business Development Club and the Department of Banking and Finance of International Burch University hosted a webinar on "Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Revolution." Given the importance and relevancy of the topic, the webinar received an enviable level of response. The uniqueness of this webinar was reflected in the fact that listeners had the opportunity to hear about a given topic from two perspectives. The first referred to blockchain technology and the emergence of cryptocurrencies, which was presented skillfully by master student Aldin Kovačević, an expert in this field.

IBU InFocus

Dr. Sanel Halilbegović, a finance professor, discussed the second aspect, which is related to understanding cryptocurrencies as money and investing in cryptocurrencies. Prof. Halilbegović explained this aspect of cryptocurrencies to the public in a very creative and professional manner and shared his many years of experience in the field of investing in both cryptocurrencies and financial assets in general with the public.

Following the presentation of distinguished lecturers, the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions about the topic, and the lecturers further explained certain specifics related to cryptocurrencies.

Finally, we can say that the webinar was a huge success, exceeding both the organizers' and the audience's expectations. We believe the webinar helped to raise overall awareness of the importance of financial literacy in our society.