Deloitte presented its internship programs to students from the BAF department

IBU InFocus

Deloitte BiH representatives visited International Burch University today and presented the company as well as the practice and training programs they provide to students of the Department of Banking and Finance. 

Una Karabeg, Deloitte's Marketing Coordinator for BiH, presented the company and its efforts to have a positive impact on society. 

Belma Istenić, senior Manager in Deloitte Audit&Advisory, stated that she began her career in Deloitte 12 years ago with a 3-month practice, after which she decided to continue her professional development in this direction and within this company. She also praised former IBU students who joined their team for their knowledge and skills. 

IT ServiceNow Bootcamp is one of these opportunities, which offers the chance to become acquainted with ways of using technology in business and implementing technology projects in practice through practical work.

After completing 6 months of practice and receiving world-renowned certificates for the leading Loud based ITSM app ServiceNow, Bootcamp students with the highest motivation may be able to work in Deloitte.

Students can also join the Deloitte international Salesforce Lab and learn to implement probably the best CRM* and SaaS platform under the guidance of experts.

Deloitte is a global company with more then 350 000 employers around the world and in Bosnia and Herzegovina they have 120 employers in two offices, Banja Luka and Sarajevo. More information can be found on their website: https://www2.deloitte.com/ba/en.html