Guest lecture at the IBU: Employer Branding revisited: E&B in Employer Branding Communication

IBU InFocus

Senad Alibegović, Global Employer Brand Manager & Communication Specialist at Authority Partners, delivered a guest lecture to students at IBU on the theme of "Employer Branding revisited: E & B in Employer Branding Communication." The event was organized by professor Asim Šahinpašić and the students of Digital Communication and Public Relations department at the IBU.

Mr. Alibegović presented to the students the communication techniques that are necessary for employer branding as a new area of communications and public relations, ranging from PR, social networks, to employee experience. Employer branding is a new multidisciplinary field which combine PR and communication with marketing and human resources management. The ultimate focus of employer branding is on employees’ experiences in branding process, and that’s why a company needs to use multidisciplinary approach to attract and keep the best talents in the industries.

“An employer's brand is no longer limited to what an organisation’s website states, because the employer branding begins and finishes with a company’s employees’ experiences,” said Mr. Alibegović.

Employer branding relates to the organisational culture in every company, and it has strong impact on each employee. Mr. Alibegović stressed that employees desire to work for a certain company is born because their employer branding made them believe that they want to be a part of that business culture. In line with it, companies should ensure that their employees could succeed both professionally and personally, so that their experiences match their expectations based on individual perception of branding.

The students who actively participated in this session had an opportunity to learn about employer branding as a tool for hiring and keeping the best talents, as well as to ask questions and get tips and useful information on how to get a job and work in high-tech companies which are recruiting employees with high salaries and companies’ benefits. Employer branding is especially relevant for recruiters in the IT sector, who are searching for high skilled professionals in information technologies, but also for all companies which are trying to employ the best talents in Bosnia and Herzegovina and worldwide. At the end, Mr. Alibegović invited IBU students to be open and freely send their applications to Authority Partners, so this guest lecture helped students to see how to develop skills and knowledge which would enable them to find a way to work for the successful companies after graduation.

Senad Alibegović is communications expert and a PhD candidate at the University of Vienna, Department of Communication. His research is focused on role of the youth as a political actor in media governance of online hate-speech in post-conflict societies. He is member of Media Governance and Industries Research Lab - Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence FREuDE and IAMCR - International Association for Media and Communication Research. In 2018, Mr. Alibegović received "Gender Equality Award 2017", national award for special promotion of gender equality, awarded by the Ministry of Human Rights, Parliamentary Assembly of BiH and OSCE Mission to BiH in Sarajevo, One Young World Peace Ambassador Award at OYW Summit in The Hague, as well as "The best youth change-maker 2018" Award by the LEAP Summit in Zagreb. He is founder of FuckUp Nights Sarajevo and FuckUp Nights Zenica motivational platforms. Nevertheless, twice he was distinguished TEDx Talks speaker: in 2017 with topic "Are you brave enough to ask for more?" and in 2022 with topic: "Digital remedy for online hate-speech".