IBU and Harvard Students Presented Research on Irregular Migrations at Joint Research Day

IBU InFocus

The Social Sciences Research Center and the Department of International Relations and European Studies at International Burch University, with the T.S. Chan School of Public Health and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, organized a Joint Research Day for students to present their research findings about irregular migrations.

A total of 37 students from both universities presented their research about various aspects of irregular and mixed migrations in eight thematic groups, while over 30 academics and practioners dealing with migration phenomena constructively engaged with students’ research in order to jointly identify avenues for further research and improvement.

Topics analyzed include migration management, the humanitarian response to migration flows over time, human rights of people on the move, the security and humanitarian responses to migration flows, reactions to irregular and mixed migrations, novel collaborations within humanitarian responses to migrations, opening critical spaces for reflection, and emigration as a starkly different yet complementary phenomenon.

Students were counseled in their research efforts by, on the one hand Assist. Prof. Dr. Alija Kožljak and Mr. Amer Kurtović from International Burch University, and Prof. Claude Bruderlein and Ms. Maura James from Harvard University on the other.

Students will continue their research, taking into account the results of their interactions with academicians and practioners, and prepare publication-ready material in time for the first annual and first in Bosnia and Herzegovina international scientific Conference on Migrations to be held at International Burch University in April 2022.

“This event is a bridge between Harvard University and International Burch University, presenting a great opportunity for both of groups of our students to come together and present their research conducted so far,” prof. Bruderlein stated.