International Burch University and Poliarte: Fostering Collaborative Partnerships for Mutual Learning

IBU InFocus

The Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia at International Burch University is experiencing rapid growth, which has led to the emergence of new and exciting projects and collaborations. One such collaboration took place during the last week of February when the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Humanities, Professor Emir Klepo, the Head of the Department of Graphic Design, Professor Dženan Medanović, and Professor Ljubomir Todorović visited the Poliarte Academy of Fine Arts in Ancona.

During their stay, representatives from International Burch University and Poliarte Accademia di Belle Arti Design exchanged ideas and experiences related to teaching methodologies and explored opportunities for future collaborations. As plans for future expansion and development were expressed by both sides, the institutions remain committed to fostering mutual learning and knowledge exchange.

The process of internationalization with various academic institutions across Europe and beyond is a fundamental value for both International Burch University and Poliarte. They believe that collaboration with foreign universities, academies, and cultural institutions can help enrich educational methods and student experiences, leading to cultural, social, professional, and linguistic expansion.

International Burch University and Poliarte continue to foster their partnership through shared values and goals. They are exploring opportunities for future collaborations that will benefit their students and the faculty through student and staff exchanges and project collaborations.

IBU InFocus