International Burch University Co-hosts Conference on "Resilience of Critical Entities - Risk Management in Traffic Infrastructure Tunnels"

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International Burch University is proud to co-organise a landmark conference entitled "Resilience of Critical Entities - Risk Management in Traffic Infrastructure Tunnels". This significant event is held in collaboration with INZA Group and Efektis Group and is generously sponsored by the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Aligning with EU Directives

A primary focus of the conference is to address Bosnia and Herzegovina's alignment with specific EU Directives: 2022/2557 concerning the resilience of critical entities, and 2004&54 relating to risk management in traffic infrastructure tunnels.

Rector's Welcome Address

In his opening remarks, Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, International Burch University Rector, extended a warm welcome to all attendees and highlighted the vital role of interdisciplinary collaboration. He emphasised the significance of the academic community, the business sector, and public administration working in harmony to expedite Bosnia and Herzegovina's journey towards EU integration.

The Importance of Public Education

Daniel Joyeux from Efektis Group took to the stage to underline the necessity of public education on these pressing matters. He specifically focused on the role that higher education institutions like International Burch University can play in raising public awareness about the importance of investing in resilience and general risk management.

Ministry of Security's Involvement

Radislav Jovičić, an advisor to the Minister from the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, noted the country's current low level of preparedness in these critical areas. He stressed that events such as this are invaluable for fostering cooperation between academia, the private sector, and governmental bodies.

This conference serves as a cornerstone for meaningful dialogue and effective action, and the stakeholders are thrilled to be part of such an impactful event.

For further information on upcoming events and collaborations, please keep an eye on the university website.

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