IBU Commemorates Its 15th Anniversary and Ushers in a New Generation of Students, Focusing on Heart and Mind Education

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The International Burch University (IBU) in Sarajevo celebrated its 15th anniversary with a formal ceremony recognising their graduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students held on Friday, 30th June at the Hills Hotel.

This notable landmark signifies 15 years of continuous growth, academic excellence, and entrepreneurial spirit. From modest beginnings, the University has evolved into a respected institution committed to academic excellence and entrepreneurship, preparing students for future challenges through practical learning and innovative approaches.

Rector of the International Burch University, Professor Mersid Poturak, retrospectively reflected on the development of the institution:

"We take great pride in commemorating the 15th anniversary of the International Burch University and the successes of our students. Our initial ambition was to nurture innovative thinkers prepared to shape the future, and today, filled with pride, we see that vision being realised. Our graduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students depart not just with a degree, but with a spirit of innovation, a desire for change, and a skillset that will assist them on their future path."

Professor Poturak emphasised that "the past 15 years have been characterised by growth and adaptability, developing from modest beginnings to achieve the status of a respected institution committed to academic excellence and entrepreneurship. As a university with an entrepreneurial spirit, we will continue to encourage creativity, innovation, and leadership. Our aim is to nurture not just the intellect but also the heart of our students, shaping them to become not only successful professionals, but also compassionate individuals."

The formal recognition of graduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students was further enriched by numerous guests and partners of the International Burch University, including: Timothy Fisher, Global CEO of the Stirling Education Group based in London, Professor Enes Hašić, Director of the Agency for Higher Education Development and Quality Assurance of BiH, and numerous other guests.

As the Global CEO of the Stirling Education Group, Timothy Fisher expressed his satisfaction in addressing the future leaders. He underscored that the Stirling Education Group, headquartered in the UK, is dedicated to promoting quality, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and its objective is the development of young individuals. He highlighted the importance of individual contributions to societal advancement and the responsibility to continue supporting students even after their studies. Mr. Fisher expressed his gratitude to the parents for their trust, and noted that Stirling, as a British educational institution, strives to pass on the values of investment, quality, innovation, and entrepreneurship to its students. Finally, he congratulated the graduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students and promised Stirling's ongoing support in their professional pursuits.

Professor Enes Hasic, Director of the Agency for Higher Education Development and Quality Assurance of Bosnia and Herzegovina, also addressed the attendees:

"From the early days of the establishment of the International Burch University, I have been an observer of the events and development of this university. The 15 years since the University's inception have shown that those who had a vision were correct in their decision to establish a university with teaching predominantly in English and that has allowed thousands of students to obtain a quality education. As the Director of the national development agency, I can confirm that the International Burch University has become one of the recognised entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and further afield as a bearer of quality in higher education. In this regard, I extend my congratulations to the Rector, faculty, students, and all who have contributed to this success."

At IBU, students have the opportunity to choose from various study programmes that are aligned with market demands, including information technology, graphic design and multimedia, management, genetics and bioengineering, architecture, electrical engineering, banking and finance, digital communications and public relations, international relations and European studies, English language, and civil engineering.

The formal ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of IBU was an opportunity to celebrate the University's achievements, but also to send a powerful message about the future: with the mission of moulding future leaders, cultivating compassionate individuals, and promoting innovation, IBU remains dedicated to shaping a bright future for all its students as well as for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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