IBU DCPR Students Visit Bloomberg Adria

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Students of Digital Communications and Public Relations at International Burch University learned about business journalism and TV production during their visit to Bloomberg Adria, organised by professor Asim Šahinpašić. They had a unique opportunity to see the process of TV production and broadcasting at the studio and regional newsroom of one of the biggest international media outlets specialised for business journalism. The students learned on the practical side of business journalism and talked with journalists, editors and producers who shared their experiences about work in the media.

„The thing that initially drew me to journalism was curiosity. An average person runs away from an unfavorable or dangerous situation. However, a journalist runs towards it,” said Mr. Vedran Perišić, country manager, producer and journalist of Bloomberg Adria.

The students saw recording of a live show with Mr. Perišić, who interviewed a guest in studio, and listened to pictorial explanations by the hosts from Bloomberg Adria newsroom. Mr. Rijad Durkić, Editor in Chief of Bloomberg Adria for Bosnia and Herzegovina explained production of TV show and preparation of online news to show students what it really means to be a business journalist in a multimedia environment.

The students saw that work of business journalists could be challenging but also rewarding, as illustrated by the message shared by Ms. Mirela Haskić-Suša, Bloomberg Adria Digital newsroom journalist: “Journalism isn’t always stressful like it appears, most days it’s fun, your environment makes it fun.”

“I am thankful to our hosts at Bloomberg Adria, who managed to demystify the production of TV and online business news to the students, and even more, intrigue them to become journalists in the future,” said IBU DCPR professor Asim Šahinpašić.

The students’ statements echoed positive experience from this visit to Bloomberg Adria where they saw how demanding it actually has been to work in media, but still they had a huge desire to deal with it because job of business journalists would be very interesting.

“This visit really gave me the motivation to become a journalist,” said Ms. Naida Kadrić, a DCPR student.

“This visit opened up my eyes to the world of journalism. I was surprised to find out how much work actually goes into creating a presumably short segment the public sees on their screens”, said Mr. Ilvana Harba, a DCPR freshman.

“This visit restored my faith in journalism and actually have me courage and wish to work in that profession,” said Ms. Amila Čengić, DCPR student.

An enthusiastic DCPR student expressed her satisfaction with this visit by saying that (visit to Bloomberg Adria) was the first one where she actually got the desire to be a journalist.

This visit followed the guest lecture held by Mr. Perišić at the IBU, where he talked about his experiences in media and communications industries, and showed students how to manage crisis communications on practical case studies.

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