IBU Delegation Led by Rector Attends ICET Conference Organised by Stirling Education and Partners

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The International Conference on Education & Teaching in K-12 Schools (ICET) London 2023 was held for the first time, bringing together educational decision-makers, community leaders, along with leading British educational institutions and experts. The conference was organised by Stirling Education and partners, including Cambridge University Press and Assessment. The conference aimed to discuss solutions to the educational needs of the two new generations, Generation Z and Alpha, and explore new opportunities and perspectives for teacher professional development and educational leadership.

ICET 2023 had a specific focus on addressing the needs of these two generations who were born into a new, globalised, and digitised world. With easy access to portable digital technology, the internet, and social media, Generation Z was raised with a natural affinity for technology. Generation Alpha, on the other hand, marks a new digital age, given how quickly and exponentially technology advances. Schools have a mission and must have a vision to satisfy the needs and expectations of these generations, who are technologically competent, pragmatic entrepreneurs, easily distracted, and independent learners.

The conference invited educational experts, educators, trainers, educational policymakers, and community leaders from the national and international community to reflect together on new approaches to schooling, curriculum development, and professional development to nurture and appeal to Generation Z and Alpha. Presentations in ICET 2023 focused on education and teaching in K-12 contexts and aimed to improve the learning experience in the classroom, help teachers and school leaders broaden their experiences, and encourage program and curriculum developers to include real-life competencies in their teaching and learning approaches.

ICET 2023 was organised into the following category options: Digital Literacy & Technology Education, Employability & 21st Century Skills, Creativity at Schools, Learner Autonomy & Self-directed Learning, Teachers as Coaches of Learning, Interactive Classrooms, Hands-on Learning, Project-based Learning, Student Engagement, Inclusivity in Teaching and Education, Climate & Environmental Awareness, Customised & Personalised Learning, School Leadership, Teacher Professional Development, Character Education, and Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health.

The conference had an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, including Dr Umed Aruzery, Head of ICET Board, Mr Timothy Fisher, Global CEO of Stirling Education, which owns International Burch University, Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint, House of Lords, Dr Imogen Casebourne, Associate Researcher (Research Lead DEFI Innovation Lab), University of Cambridge with other notable speakers in attendance. ICET 2023 also had a pre-ICET session that provided quick facts about the conference, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals-Goal 4 and UNESCO Education 2030 Framework for Action UNESCO 4.C.

A delegation led by the Rector of International Burch University, Prof Dr Mersid Poturak, attended the conference, highlighting the University's commitment to promoting educational excellence and enhancing the quality of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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