International Burch University Launches Start-up Your Passion Program for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

IBU InFocus

Are you a university student with a passion for entrepreneurship? Look no further than International Burch University's Start-up Your Passion program.

At International Burch University, we follow the entrepreneurial university model, which means we encourage and support innovation, recognise and create opportunities, and promote soft skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. Our program is tailored to students from all departments, as we believe that entrepreneurship is important in every profession, not just for managers and economists.

During the winter semester of 2022/23, we integrated activities from our Burch Startup Incubator into the Entrepreneurship course and had over 150 students participate. On Thursday, January 19th, 2023, the top 10 teams from 9 departments presented their final pitches after 16 weeks of hard work on developing their ideas and business plans. The diversity and creativity in the ideas was impressive.

The best teams will continue to work on their projects in the spring semester as an extracurricular part of the University, with the goal of creating a minimum viable product before Demo day.

The Start-up Your Passion program has already produced students with a strong understanding of starting and managing a business, and we have no doubt that many of them will one day become successful entrepreneurs.

Don't miss your chance to turn your passion into a business at International Burch University!

IBU InFocus