IBU professors and students created two innovative commercials for the university

IBU InFocus

International Burch University's diligent team from the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia has invested a lot of effort, vision, and creativity to produce several videos that will properly convey the message of International Burch University "Educating Hearts and Minds".

Staff from the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia, including photography professor Emir Klepo and video professor Dženan Medanović, who also wrote the copy, were involved in the planning and execution of the IBU corporate video and advertising project.

Permanent team members who actively participated in set work during the nine days of filming were:

  1. Emir Klepo – Camera operator, DOP, Director
  2. Dzenan Medanovic – script and 2nd director
  3. Azra Selimovic – art director and editor
  4. Jasmina Pinjić – gaffer
  5. Emir Kurtanović – best boy
  6. Ismar Begtašević – 2nd AC i 2nd Camera and camera operator
  7. Abdullah Ibradžić – 1AC i 2nd Camera
  8. Aida Mujčin – stills
  9. Hamza Makić – best boy
  10. Semina Bulić – sound

In addition to the main team, many other students were invited to participate in the filming to gain their first practical experience in the field of creating commercials and corporate videos. Among them are the following: Emina Duraković, Amina Osmanbegović, Lejla Tvrtković, Edna Porča, Mirha Beganović, Amina Imamović, Sumeja Puškar, Amina Basarik, Merima Omerović, Amina Alić, Fatima Hujdur, Petar Dolić i Lejla Munjaković.

The most valuable aspect of the project is that it was completed within the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia, where professors collaborated with their students to complete the entire story, from the idea to the final result. Students were able to gain special knowledge through practice because they learned about equipment, the application of specific techniques, the creation of various sets, communication on set, and were encouraged to participate with their own ideas and suggestions. Throughout the filming, the professors attempted to involve students in all processes involved in such a project.

Even though the shootings frequently took place on weekends, the students demonstrated great dedication and desire to be a part of the project, and the realization would not have been possible without them.