IBU Rector met with representatives of the British Parliament

IBU InFocus

The British Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee delegation visited Sarajevo to hold important talks with representatives of civil society, independent media, business community, government ministries and other elected officials as well as international partners. In recent months, the UK Parliament has expressed strong interest in the situation in BiH and a delegation has been sent to review the current political situation, regional context and the UK's role in supporting positive change.

As a British owned university, International Burch University was a partner representative of the British Parliament held a meeting with.

The International Burch University Rector, Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, conveyed the challenges BH is currently facing and explained that these were caused by the political crisis. They discussed the consequences of the current political situation on business operations of the University including owners’ direct investment and infrastructural development of the International Burch University and other Richmond Park institutions.

Representatives of the parliament offered their support in overcoming these challenges and pointed out that Great Britain's commitment to this country is greater than ever.