IBU was the academic partner of the seventh Sarajevo Unlimited Forum

IBU InFocus

International Burch University was delighted to accept the invitation from Sarajevo Unlimited - Regional Forum of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship to be their academic partner in this year's event. The seventh edition of Sarajevo Unlimited was organized under the theme "Smart-up Developments," with a focus on digitization through innovation.
As an entrepreneurial university, IBU shares Sarajevo Unlimited's interest in innovations, start-ups, success stories, and creative and innovative businesses.

This forum provided an excellent opportunity for our students to network and gain new insights into the world of entrepreneurship. Forty of our students have applied to attend the forum. Assistant Professor Malcolm Duerod from the Department of Management, Selma Turčinović, Program Manager of Burch StartUp Incubator, and Indira Redžepović, PR Manager of IBU have also participated in this event.

Panels at the forum included Digital Challenge: Entrepreneurship, ITourism, Digitization of Society: Technological Milestones, Mind Adaptation through Digitization, and Protection of Domestic Music Authors.

IBU InFocus