IBU's lecture on The Power of Women in Communication by Irena Miličević Vukoja

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International Burch University (IBU) hosted a guest lecture by Irena Miličević Vukoja, the founder of Woman.comm, which was focused on "The roles and position of woman in communication industry." The guest lecture was an insightful and inspiring session for the IBU students, providing them with valuable knowledge and insights into the communication industry and its role in empowering women. The lecture, which was attended by students from various departments, was organized by Prof. Asim Šahinpašić, Ph.D., and the students of the Department of Digital Communication and PR.

During the lecture, Irena shared her insights and knowledge on the challenges and opportunities women face in the field of digital communication and public relations, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and worldwide. She also spoke about her experience after graduating with a bachelor's degree in economics and emphasized the importance of having certain skills and qualities to succeed in this field.

Furthermore, Irena introduced her new project and platform, Woman.comm, which aims to make the communication industry more attractive for women who have chosen this field as their career path. The project seeks to empower and inspire women to pursue their dreams and break down barriers in the industry. She also spoke about the future conference and academy of Woman.comm, which students can apply for and benefit from.

"My main goal is to have different types of education through the work of Woman.comm and to bring 'big names' from this industry to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Woman.comm has more than one objective, and the first one is to work with seniors, women with more than twenty years of experience working in this field. The second is to work with women who want to further develop and educate themselves. The third objective is to work with juniors through the mentorship of senior experts, and the fourth is to work with students, female students for the beginning," said Irena Miličević Vukoja.

Irena is an experienced marketing and PR director with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. She is skilled in negotiation, marketing management, business planning and strategy, corporate communication, internal and external PR, and has a master's degree in economics. With 15 years of corporate experience under her belt, she ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Prefix, a creative company that offers consulting, PR, and creativity services. She also started WOMAN.COMM, a project focused on empowering women in the communication industry.

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