In Memoriam: Prof. Ceylani's Legacy and Loss

IBU InFocus

It is with deep sadness that we announce the untimely passing of our esteemed colleague, Prof. Ceylani. His sudden departure has left an immense void in our academic community, and we find ourselves united in grief.

Prof. Ceylani's impact on our institution has been immeasurable. An outstanding educator, a guiding mentor, and a passionate researcher, Prof. Ceylani's influence has touched the lives of countless students and colleagues. His commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and unwavering dedication to innovation has become an integral part of our university's fabric.

During this difficult time, our hearts and sympathies go out to Prof. Ceylani's family, friends, and all those who had the privilege of knowing and collaborating with such an exceptional individual. We are in the process of arranging a memorial event to celebrate Prof. Ceylani's life and the lasting contributions he has made to academia.

As we move forward, let us stand together as a community, remembering and honouring Prof. Ceylani's legacy. While his presence may be absent, his impact will continue to inspire us.

With deepest condolences,
The University Community