International Burch University escorted the 12th generation of students

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On Friday, July 15, International Burch University held a ceremony to honor graduates, postgraduates, and PhD students at Hotel Hills, acknowledging the 12th generation of university students. Students proudly threw their hats in the air, marking the end of an important chapter in their education and lives, in the festive atmosphere and with emotions of happiness and pleasure.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mersid Poturak, Rector of International Burch University, congratulated the students on their outstanding achievement and sent them an emotional message: "This moment represents your transition from the role of student to a new role in society, in which you will contribute to the future development of our community and society by using entrepreneurial skills acquired during your studies. We are excited to see what your contribution will be and look forward to your new successes."

Rector especially congratulated the parents, relatives and friends who filled the hall to the last place to share this joyful moment with the students.

Numerous guests and partners of International Burch University contributed to the festive promotion of graduates, postgraduates, and PhDs; including: Nermin Muzur, Head of the Ilidža Municipality, Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Nikolić, Minister of Science, Higher Education and Youth of Sarajevo Canton, Prof. Dr. Enes Hašicžć, Director of the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance of BiH, representatives of the British and French Embassy and other guests.

Nermin Muzur, Mayor of Ilidža Municipality, stated in his speech that the municipality is proud to have the university like this in its community. He advised students to take advantage of any employment opportunities that come their way after graduation in order to continue their education and eventually get the job they desire.

The opening remarks were followed by the recognition of the best students of the generation 2021/22, who achieved the best results during their studies due to their dedication, hard work, and knowledge. Students with an average of more than 9.5 were recognized, and special awards were presented to them by rector Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mersid Poturak.

The best students on the faculty level were then named. Ajdin Karić is the best student of the generation at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Azra Selimović at the Faculty of Education and Humanities, and Asja Muharemović at the Faculty of Engineering, Natural and Medical Sciences.

Ajdin Karić was also named valedictorian, after what he traditionally typed his name into the tree of the best students IBU leaving a premanent mark at International Burch University.

"Looking back on my studies at International Burch University, I can say that the University is filled with so many wonderful staff and professors who dedicate their time to each student's individual goals. What I would particularly like to thank is recognition and respect for everything I've done. The title of "valedictorian" was bestowed upon me not only because of my high grade point average, but also because of all of the seminars, workshops, volunteer activities, work in student clubs, work experience, and research work I completed. I received my first recognition for everything listed in a scholarship when I enrolled at IBU, and I received it again today in the form of the title of best university student." Ajdin said in his speech.

The ceremony concluded with a musical performance by Music Academy student Esma Pleh on the piano and a traditional hat-throwing.

We congratulate the new generation of International Burch University graduates, postgraduates, and PhDs and wish them much success in their careers and lives. They will continue to be part of the IBU family and a global network of our alumni.

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