International Burch University is the publisher of a new book by Professor Muamer Bezdrob

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International Burch University has published a new book titled "Management Innovation: Achieving Long-Term Business Performance through Management Model Improvement" by Assist. Prof. Dr. Muamer Bezdrob from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at Iinternational Burch University.

„Modern management, founded on scientific principles and developed in the early twentieth century, is regarded as one of the most significant innovations in human society's recent history. At the same time, the unstoppable changes brought on by social, technological, and institutional innovation have made traditional management outdated and nearly inapplicable in current, and especially in future, social, economic, and political environments. Modern organizations in the twenty-first century must design and implement entirely new management models that are appropriate for the present and the future. The introduction to this book, which will undoubtedly be helpful reading for all modern managers and those aspiring to be them, claims that such management models can only be achieved through a series of successful INNOVATION IN MANAGEMENT."

Prof. Dr. Aziz Šunje of the University of Sarajevo - Faculty of Economics stated in his review of this book that "Professor Bezdrob wrote a book worthy of attention representing the original scientific and research work in the field of innovation. The book may be especially interesting to management practitioners - managers and management consultants - because it processes a number of realistic managerial practices, ideas, and techniques. In fact, the material presented in the book can encourage managers to initiate management innovation processes in their environment, either through the improvement of existing management models or through the implementation of innovative managerial practices."

Another reviewer of this book is well-known Prof. Dr. Nenad Brkić, University of Sarajevo - Faculty of Economics, who points out that this book made a contribution both in a scientific and research sense: "In a theoretical sense, the contribution could be expressed in the following: 1) in the development of scientific thoughts on innovations, management, and innovations in management, 2) in the development of scientific thought about the place and role of innovations in management in the business development of organizations in countries in transition, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina. In an applied sense, the contribution of the book could be expressed in the following: 1) the expected business effects that will arise as a result of better knowledge and understanding of the process and outcome of innovations in management, as well as the roles and tasks of the participants in that process and their mutual connections and relationships, which will directly influence the making of better strategic decisions related to future development processes in this business and managerial area."

Biography of the author

Assist. Prof. Dr. Muamer Bezdrob is a professor at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of International Burch University in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is also a co-founder and director of PING Ltd. Sarajevo, a project-oriented company that designs, develops, and implements complex information systems. He is a co-founder and long-term member of the Board of Directors of the BIT Alliance, an association of IT companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Professor Bezdrob published a large number of professional and scientific works in academic journals and conference proceedings, as well as two chapters in editorial books.