International Burch University partners with Sarajevo Photography Festival

IBU InFocus

International Burch University is delighted to support projects of social, cultural, and artistic value, and recognizes the importance of such projects for the community and, in particular, young people. Sarajevo Photography Festival is without a doubt a fantastic annual international competition and photography festival that brings photographers from all over the world together and shines a spotlight on Sarajevo and domestic professionals. Recognizing the importance of this festival, IBU decided to participate in and support the events through collaboration. International Burch University has joined the festival as a partner and is also sponsoring four of the awards that will be presented at the end.

The cooperation between IBU and this festival has imposed itself, particularly through the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia. On the first day of the festival, Mr. Emir Klepo, a photography professor and dean of the Faculty of Education and Humanities, will give a lecture on "Applications of Visual Narratives."

Sarajevo Photography Festival provides students with the opportunity to network with industry professionals while also participating in a major cultural and artistic event.
International Burch University is proud to support such events that allow students to showcase their talent and exchange knowledge with photographers from 30 countries around the world.

IBU InFocus