International Burch University successfully held Demo Day 2023

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International Burch University successfully held Demo Day 2023, giving students the opportunity to present their entrepreneurial ideas and projects in front of an expert jury and visitors.

Demo Day is a comprehensive manifestation that gathered teams of young entrepreneurs from eight universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania. These universities are part of the SUCCESS project, which is financially supported by the European Union. The participants of this event are:University "Džemal Bijedić" University in Mostar, University of East Sarajevo, Epoka University, International Burch University, University of Montenegro, University of Tuzla, Vlore University, and University of Škodra. Startup teams presented their innovative ideas to potential investors and business partners and had the opportunity to directly answer questions from the audience.

The event attracted a large number of visitors, including students, professors, industry representatives, and the general public. It was an opportunity to showcase the wealth of talent and creativity of International Burch University students and guests from the region.

The event provided a platform to promote innovation and collaboration among students as well as an opportunity to network with industry representatives. Students had the opportunity to receive feedback from experts in their fields and to develop presentation and teamwork skills.

We would especially like to highlight the three best teams: ESCO, Smart Desk, and My Home. Their innovation, thoroughness, and commitment to projects have captured attention. The prize money for the three winning teams was provided by the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE), while the SUCCESS project organized study visits to startup ecosystems in Serbia and Germany. We congratulate these teams on their outstanding work and results. We wish them the best of luck in their future work and believe that their entrepreneurial projects will achieve great success in the future.

The Demo Day was not only an opportunity to present the students' results but also to promote the university program and the educational mission of International Burch University. This event once again confirmed the university's commitment to the support and development of young talents.

"Today, International Burch University emphasizes its commitment to entrepreneurship, providing young students with the opportunity to develop their ideas through a business incubator. With the support of professors, academic workers, and mentors, students can turn their ideas into successful business opportunities that can be marketed on the domestic and international markets. This year, eight regional universities also joined the program, giving their students the opportunity to develop ideas and present them to the wider public. International Burch University wants to provide an alternative for young people to employ themselves and their colleagues, contributing to the economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim is to keep young people in the country to help develop the economy and society instead of looking for opportunities abroad," said Mersid Poturak, Rector of International Burch University.

Amra Omeragić, investment manager of Finance in Motion, also made a statement:

"We are very pleased to be the main sponsor of this important event. We share the same values with International Burch University, namely the development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit among young people. EFSE and the EFSE Entrepreneurial Academy aim to encourage economic development and prosperity in Southeast Europe by supporting the development of micro and small enterprises. The fund operates through a network of financial institutions and provides financial and advisory support," said Omeragić.

The successful Demo Day 2023 at International Burch University showed that the University remains a leader in supporting the innovation and creativity of students. IBU will continue the tradition of regularly gathering students and providing a platform for the exchange of entrepreneurial ideas and projects.

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