KK Igman Burch basketball players advanced to the A1 semi-finals, bringing them closer to the Premier League

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Basketball players from our university basketball club, KK Igman Burch, advanced to the A1 league semifinals, putting them one step closer to entering Bosnia and Herzegovina's Premier League.

Our basketball players won the first match in Ilidža against the Gradina Madi team by a score of 84:68, and they lost the second match by a score of 60:65, securing their place in the semi-finals.

"The relationship between the fans, the behavior of both teams' players, and the referees at both games adorned this match. Despite the high stakes, the games were played in a fair and sporting manner. Our club has friendly relations with the Gradina Madi team, and the friendship between the two clubs will definitely grow stronger as a result of these games. We would like to thank our friends from Gradina Madi once more and wish them the best of luck for the coming season!" KK Igman Burch stated.

KK Igman Burch

Our team's next opponent is team Student from Tuzla. Let us all work together to support our team achieve their goal of reaching the Premier League.