Ministry of Programing CEO Shares Best Advice for IBU Students

IBU InFocus

As part of the general IBU entrepreneurial education initiative and New Product Development management class guest lecture, Faris Zacina, Ministry of Programing CEO shared his best advice with IBU students.

Faris spoke to a group of IBU students eager to learn from highly successful entrepreneurs.
Faris shared his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and business growth.
He discussed start-ups and scale-ups dedicating particular attention to design, lean canvas, and real-world prototypes.

Some of the presentation bullet points were music for the tech-savvy ears:

  • "Ideas are great. But now starts the hard work."
  • It's important to think things through before deciding to code.
  • How do you make ideas valuable? Brainstorm, research and analyse.
  • What are customers' needs? Learn through the discovery process.
  • Write the main points down - "if you're thinking without writing, you only think you are thinking" (Leslie Lamport).
  • Document your strategy and your business model.
  • Document interactions and build clickable prototypes.
  • Reiterate all prototypes and design. Show it to people who can provide an objective point of view.
  • Be mindful of the strategy. Differentiation is the key as you build the position in the blueocean.

IBU's entrepreneurial guest lectures, hosted by various University departments, provide students with the unique opportunity to learn how their market-oriented education can prepare them for the chosen vocation by inviting successful business owners from a variety of fields to give talks and mentor students.