NEAR Balkans held a workshop on the potential of web3 at IBU

IBU InFocus

On July 12th, NEAR Balkans held a workshop on the potential of web3 at International Burch University. NEAR is an open-source platform that enables creators, communities, and financial markets to reimagine a more sustainable and inclusive future. NEAR Balkans Hub is among the first NEAR Ecosystem Regional Hubs set up globally. It was established through a collaboration between the NEAR Foundation and the Borderless Tech Association.

NEAR Balkans was created to promote and accelerate web3 open-source eco-system development. Their vision is to educate the community and demonstrate the potential of web3 for development across the Balkan region.

During this program participants practiced:

  • Perceiving web3 in the context of human history
  • Learning the key elements of web3 and NEAR blockchain
  • Reading contract code in Rust and AssemblyScript
  • Writing contracts using Rust and AssemblyScript
  • Testing contracts using unit and simulation tests
  • Deploying contracts and a sensible user interface

The content is provided and delivered by Ammar Humačkić, experienced in Blockchain Use Case & Technology Development, Custom Blockchain Development Services and Token Development, working for various clients.

All participants received a NEAR certificate for completing the program and complimentary NFT drop into their NEAR wallets to start testing further within the system.

Participants with NEAR certificate became part of the chosen NEAR certified community, got opportunity to actively participate in the NEAR ecosystem, got opportunity for connections with NEAR and the ability for the company to build dApps on NEAR and get additional support through the grant application.

Anesa Čutuna, one of the participants said: “Participating in the workshop at the International Burch University was a huge opportunity for me, as an IT student. It was a pleasure to learn from lecturers with experience on topics that I have not encountered so much before and which I will need in the future. I would like to thank the University and Near Balkans for providing me with knowledge, experience, and the opportunity to progress and improve my knowledge.” 

It was our pleasure to be part of this program and we hope it will result in greater collaboration between International Burch University and NEAR Balkans. 

IBU InFocus