O Kanal News published a reportage by DCPR students Adna Sušić and Lejla Selimović

IBU InFocus

Two students from the Department of Digital Communications and Public Relation, Adna Sušić and Lejla Selimović wrote a news reportage on the sexual harassment of women in public spaces for their final exam on the subject of Visual Narratives. The reportage was done under the supervision of Assistant Professor Amer Džihana.

The editors of the O Kanal News have decided to publish this report in the section - Investigation of the Week.

„We wanted this topic to be discussed publicly, therefore we contacted the editors of the O Kanal“ Adna and Lejla explained.

The importance of discussing this subject is confirmed not only by the fact that this report was broadcast on television but also by the way the report was announced: „Despite the fact that more and more victims are coming forward, sexual harassment remains taboo in BiH. Women are subjected to a unique form of abuse in public, and there is little or no discussion of it.“

Adna and Lejla conducted extensive research and were successful in bringing attention to this critical issue. We congratulate them and encourage them to continue their journalistic journey.