PDeS Conference organized Fair for companies

IBU InFocus

A fair for companies supporting the PDeS conference was held at International Burch University as part of the conference program. During the fair, company representatives presented their work, accomplishments, and plans to students and conference attendees, as well as offered specific practices, activities, and internships. Among the companies that participated in the fair were: the Institute for Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BH Futures Foundation, IHP- Leibniz Institute for High-Performance Microelectronics, Klika, Verlab d.o.o., FREUND Elektronika d.o.o., BSMART, IEEE BiH and Burch Startup Incubator.

At the fair, International Burch University also presented two ERASMUS projects, SUCCESS, and KALCEA.

In addition to the fair, numerous sessions on programmable devices and embedded systems were held during the conference today, and a workshop was held yesterday. A workshop was held as part of the AIRCOM (Application of Artificial Intelligence in Radio Communication Systems) project with IHP (Leibniz Institute for High-Performance Microelectronics). The workshop featured eight scientific projects from IHP and IBU.

IBU InFocus