ProCredit Bank d.d. and IBU signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

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ProCredit Bank d.d. and International Burch University announced their collaboration in educational, marketing, business, and other areas.
The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mersid Poturak, Rector of International Burch University and Srđan Ožegović, Member of the Managment Board at ProCredit Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Through this collaboration, IBU students will be able to perform their mandatory practices at ProCredit Bank.

"It is an honor and a pleasure for us to have signed the Memorandum of Cooperation, because we truly believe that we have common goals that your university begins with the selection of high school students, work and mentoring, and the strengthening of students through the university, and then this young person comes to banks like ProCredit Bank and continues his journey. I believe that our common goal is for young people to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I am delighted that our collaboration will help in achieving this goal“, said Biljana Biljana Hadžimustafić-Jevtić, Head Of Human Resources at ProCredit Bank BiH Sarajevo

Students will benefit the most, and some have already had the opportunity to visit ProCredit Bank d.d. and become acquainted with their onboarding program, which students go through before final employment, as well as opportunities to perform practices.

Such visits provide an excellent opportunity for students to become acquainted with the opportunities available to them, with the careers that await them, and to find themselves already in the process of investigating their future workplace.

Students were thrilled about the presentation and excited about the opportunities presented to them.

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