Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak entrusted with a second term as Rector of International Burch University (IBU)

IBU InFocus

Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, the current Rector, has been chosen for a second term at the helm of the International Burch University.

At today's Senate session, Professor Poturak presented his ambitious work plan for his second term. This plan, unanimously accepted, includes continued enhancement of university programmes, further development of research opportunities and a commitment to innovation in teaching and learning. Additionally, a boost to collaboration with foreign universities is forecast, along with the creation of even greater opportunities for students and staff.

Considering the extraordinary achievements and innovative strategies that Professor Poturak introduced during his first tenure, it is expected that under his leadership, the IBU will continue to thrive and evolve. During his initial term, Professor Poturak demonstrated exceptional dedication and vision, propelling IBU to the top in the fields of education, research and entrepreneurship. The University, under his guidance, made significant strides in academic and research programmes, while simultaneously fostering strong links with the local and global business community.

It is anticipated that Professor Poturak's second tenure will bring even greater success to the International Burch University, as well as to the entire academic community of Bosnia and Herzegovina.