Rector Visits the University of Sarajevo to Further Cooperation

IBU InFocus

The rector of International Burch University Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak with associates visited Univerzitet u Sarajevu and spoke with the vice-rector for research, Prof. Dr. Mirza Dautbašić about existing collaboration and avenues for further cooperation.

They discussed respective structures for science and scientific development, as well as organisational units and other structures, as well as existing levels of cooperation but also identified future avenues for collaboration, including through various future project-based endeavours but also the Project Development Facility.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Poturak also presented the EU-funded Project Development Facility, a project implemented by International Burch University and the University of Applied Sciences in Burgenland and aiming to strengthen the capacities of academic staff at higher education institutions to develop EU research projects, such as COST, Eureka, and Horizon Europe.

Prof. Dr. Dautbašić confirmed the interest of the University of Sarajevo to participate with its own academic staff. The two sides agreed that this would be the first step in expanding collaboration between our two universities to other spheres, as well.

IBU InFocus