Start Me Up High School Competition: Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit Among Teens

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This year, International Burch University celebrated the sixth year of our traditional Start Me Up High School competition for high school students, which focuses on entrepreneurship. The competition is held in collaboration with the Association of High School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is hosted by the International Burch University.

Entrepreneurship and start-up companies have become an integral part of our daily lives, providing a new perspective and direction for our future. Through this competition, we aim to give high school students the opportunity to unleash their creativity, think outside the box, and work on real-life problems in their communities.

Start Me Up High School is a chance for teenagers to take their first steps towards the world of entrepreneurship and the creation of their own start-ups. The journey of an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, and our competition aims to provide support to active and ambitious high school students in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

This year's competition has undergone modifications and improvements to adapt to a hybrid format, while still offering exciting activities and missions for our participants. We gamified the concept by creating activities and missions based on a game-like platform. Our participants come from various parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 124 students from 35 different local communities in the first module. This resulted in 17 teams competing in subsequent modules, and five top-performing teams continuing their work in the Burch Startup Incubator.

Our finalists, Neila Muminović and Emir Gaši from team Flauna, said, "We never thought that learning about entrepreneurship could be fun, but Start Me Up proved us wrong! Along with educational lectures from dedicated mentors, we had the opportunity to combine learning and fun. The games prepared by the organising team, such as bingo, scavenger hunt and energisers, helped us to perform our tasks better and gave us a magical experience."

Dino Burić, another participant, said, "Burch StartMeUp competition taught me a lot, especially teamwork and leadership skills. It was an unforgettable experience, and I encourage others to participate in the Start Me Up High School competition."

Join us in nurturing entrepreneurial spirit among teens through the Start Me Up High School competition! #StartMeUpHighSchool #NurturingEntrepreneurialSpirit #BurchUniversity

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