Summer School of Diplomacy 2022 at IBU

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The Euroatlantic Integration Club at International Burch University organized the Summer School of Diplomacy with the goal of allowing future students to creatively improve and expand their knowledge into new areas.
Participants at this school had the opportunity to learn more about international relations, Euro-Atlantic integration, communication skills, research methodology, and other topics.

Summer School 2022 lasted from June 6 to June 10 and consisted of two-hour workshops. The workshops were held live and with a lecture component and a discussion/questions and answers component. At the end of the Summer School, each participant received a certificate of completion, as well as feedback and a strong incentive to become a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina's first entrepreneurial university, IBU.

Learning outcomes were viewed in the field of knowledge as a comprehensive understanding of the process and a diverse range of actors whose interaction shapes the modern international political scene. Theoretical knowledge of historical and current developments in international relations is combined with knowledge of practice and foreign policy implementation in the modern international system by key players in international policy, regional powers, and Bosnia and Herzegovina's foreign policy.

„As president of the Club, it is an extraordinary honor for me to hear how pleased professors and participants are with the project and the knowledge they have gained as a result of it.
I believe that we have taken an academically and innovative approach to bringing the themes of international relations and Euro-Atlantic integration closer together through direct interaction with participants - outside of the traditional lecture format. We hope that the Euroatlantic Integration Club will achieve more such successes in the future, as the Summer School of Diplomacy is currently our most significant success “, said Rijad Ahmetović, president of the Euroatlantic Integration Club

„We aimed to familiarize our students with the theme of international relations, Euro-Atlantic integration, and diplomatic processes as part of the Summer School. The reactions of our students and respected professors have been extremely positive, and we are overjoyed that our project has been a success. I can say that this is our motivation for similar activities in the future, and that we have more great successes and projects ahead of us in the future. “, said Lamija Memović, manager of the Euroatlantic Integration Club & coordinator of the project “Summer School 2022”

During the Summer School, Professor Alija Kožljak and Mihajlo Vujović had a debate on topic „Whether Bosnia and Herzegovina should join NATO “.

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