The second day of the BH Model United Nations

IBU InFocus

Today, delegates continued their activities at the United Nations House. 200 students from ten countries, including those from International Burch University and our partners from Georgia State University, continued participating in the first ever BH Model United Nations conference.

They were divided into eight committees to discuss global issues, show how dialogue can still produce results, and shift the paradigm. Shifting the paradigm is not only an event goal, but also the BiH MUN moto, as it represents an informal induction of a new generation of soon-to-be diplomats into the world of multilateral diplomacy.

Some of the topics discussed today by delegates included: food weaponization as a result of the Ukrainian war, reducing the threat of nuclear weapons through disarmament, international migration, hate speech prevention in a post-conflict context, and so on.

The third day of the conference will include committee sessions and workshops, as well as a closing and award ceremony.

IBU InFocus