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February 7, 2017
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February 9, 2017

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Our objective is to improve the science with new and innovative solutions, set of practical activities, implementing new ideas, enlarging people’s will for improving and creating better world. Burch Innovation Center provides highest quality practice in education and makes your ideas work. Becoming part of Burch Innovation Center gives you the opportunity to broaden your understanding of the industry and technology, as well as gain familiarity with the content of standards in which you are involved.

If you have ideas and projects which you wish to implement, you can contact [email protected]


Infomatrix – International competition in Computer Science, Bucharest, Romania

  • 2012 GOLD MEDAL – Dženis Ejupi and Sabahudin Husić, DNA: Dry Neural Arrays
  • 2013 GOLD MEDAL – Dženis Ejupi and Sulejman Sarajlija,
  • 2013 SILVER MEDAL – Ammar Talić and Slađan Veselinović, AS 3D REPRAP printer
  • 2014 SILVER MEDAL – Suleyman Zengin, Oguz Burak Ozbek, Resit Asik, Semir Šakanović, Smart Car

Robot Challenge – International championship for self-made, autonomous, and mobile robots, Vienna, Austria

  • 2013 – Ammar Talić and Sabahudin Husić, Line follower and sumo robot

ICEM – International Conference on Energy and Management, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 2014 First place Ammar Talic, Slađan Veselinovic and Yağmur Kırkağaç (Marmara University)

MICROSOFT Imagine cup

  • 2015 Innovation category: Ermin Podrug
  • 2015 World Citizenship category: Ammar Talic, Slađan Veselinovic, Vildan Tursic and Harun Šiljak
  • 2016 Innovation category: Ermin Podrug, Sead Banda, Hadi Nourallah

Sarajevo Innovations Festival

  • 2016 – Third place – Dalibor Đumić, Faruk Ćidić and Sead Banda, Blink-controlled Virtual Keyboard
  • 2017 – Second place – Dalibor Đumić, Arrows System – Brain-Controlled Wheelchair
  • 2017 – Fourth place – Nermin Đuzić and Dalibor Đumić, Automatic Plant Watering System via Soil Moisture Sensing by means of Suitable Electronics and its Applications for Anthropological and Medical Purposes


  • 2015 Best Technical Idea category: Belmin Alic, Senad Zaimovic and Aldin Secic
  • 2015 Best Business Idea category: Medina Saračević, Emina Šahbegović and Fadil Žilić
  • 2015 People’s Choice category: Jasmin Kreho and Sead Banda
  • 2015 Extra Award category: Enis Gegić, Imran Ahmić and Dalibor Đumić
  • 2016 Best Technical Idea category: Dalibor Đumić, Faruk Ćidić and Sead Banda
  • 2016 Best Business Idea category: Tarik Ibrahimpašić, Enver Bakija and Dzejlana Karajic
  • 2016 People’s Choice category: Jasna Nuhić, Amil Ćohadžić and Albina Abaspahic

Smart Innovation Competition (IBU ESD)

  • 2016: Tarik Ibrahimpasic, Ermin Sunj, Edin Ostrakovic, Muhamed Hadziefendic and Ervin Grbo

Makey Makey competition (IBU ESD)

  • 2015: Dalibor Đumić, Ermin Podrug and Nedim Gegić

Kick-off Workshop Competition (IBU ESD)

  • 2015: Lejla Terzić, Fatima Mašić, Ajša Ramović and Mehmed Đug
  • 2016: Valentin Stjepić-Ćosić, Kenan Mehinović, Mirza Imamović and Nedim Priluškić
  • 2017: Emir Crnolić, Nizam Alešević and Nedim Forto

IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress

  • 2016 Poster Session – 1st place: Dalibor Đumić
  • 2016 Poster Session – 2nd place: Jasna Nuhić


  • 2016 Winners – Dino Mustafić and Aldin Kovačević

REF Regionalni energetski forum 

  • Lejla Imširović and Jasna Nuhić – 1st place

NASA Space Apps Challenge

  • Top 20 in the world – Kenan Mehinović, Valentin Stjepić-Cosic, Mirza Imamović, Mustafa Spahić, Tarik Omerčehajić, Irfan Brković, Dino Bošnjić, Ajdin Nakičević and Omar Jahić