Interactive Business Session Organized by BDC at BURCH University - International Burch University
BURCH Staff at the UNAOC Fellowship Alumni Event
December 15, 2017
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December 19, 2017

Interactive Business Session Organized by BDC at BURCH University



While talking about the topic, both said that organizational culture for them equals marketing, and that they consider their organizational culture one of their best traits, which they are working on constantly, and that they are proud of.

Mrs. Sarić highlighted that people within the company are together creating that culture and that every individual is contributing to the environment. Thus, all employees need to match the company with their values, attitudes, and behaviors, and the company also needs to be „the right one“ for the employee. Mrs. Šeremet emphasized that it is very important to share internally all of their successes, and strivings, concluding that is something that is shown externally through marketing.

The lecturers and students together concluded that Mistral, as well as the BURCH University, are promoting family-like atmosphere and that both are striving towards that kind of commitment.

At the end, Professor, and mentor of Business Development Club, Ensar Mekić, have expressed great gratitude, and the current president of the club, Adha Drugović handed letters of appreciation and gifts to our guests.

Students also said that they consider Mistral employees their great friends because of their willingness to answer positively to student requests, come to visit and share their knowledge.