International Architectural Concept Project Competition - International Burch University

International Architectural Concept Project Competition



The competition was about Field Schools for Tropical Savanna Climate of Africa and had the aims to support the development of original, innovative, environmentalist and economical school architectural designs, and the implementation of innovative ideas for the Field Schools planned to be constructed in various countries.

The students were divided into four groups. First group: Abdulmalik Begovic, Ahmed Delic and Seid Sahman; second group: Ruba Almonajed, Dina Lasic, Dalila Omerbegovic and Velida Krajinic; third group: Mehmed Hodzic; and fourth group: Melika Asceric, Ilhana Verunica, Sumeja Dizdarevic and Sefko Hadzic. All groups conducted research on Savanna Climate, renewable energy sources, local natural materials, local needs, labours and habits and had an opportunity to gain new information about Africa. 

All students’ projects were successfully completed, included extremely interesting school designs and were submitted for competitions on time. Students’ motivation during this project was so high that in and of itself is a winning attribute. Even though this very first participation did not yield any prizes, an experience of a first ever presence of BURCH  students at an international competition is a prize on its own and a valuable experience.